4 Personality Traits of a Great Programmer


What makes a good programmer?

I think it’s a great question to ask yourself and your fellow colleagues to make you gain a better understanding of the craft of software development. It’s important to understand coding is the first step of success for programmers, but there is so much more to what makes a good programmer.

To really stand-out, you’ll need to possess a variety of traits necessary to do the job and to do it well.

Here’s a list of several qualities that one should have to excel.

Communication Skills

Good communication skills are directly associated with good development skills. A great programmer is able to understand problems clearly, break them down into theories, and propose logical solutions. They understand concepts faster, or ask the correct questions to help make them clear, and don’t need everything to be written down in a specifications document. Great offshore developers usually speak multiple languages and are very comfortable with documentation in English. In the world of technology, English is the default language of developer interactions and most documentation.

An Inherent Desire to Learn

Technology is always changing regularly and the skills and abilities a programmer has today are likely to be outdated in a few years. It’s very important to find a programmer who has an interest in the latest trends and is eager to participate in any new educational opportunities that are available. He should be eager to take any opportunity to learn new skills and improve existing ones.


Problem-Solving Skills

Great programmers are mostly independent and amazing self-learners. They learn new technologies on their own and aren’t intimidated by new challenges. For those who have never tried to create an application from scratch, programming can be compared to solving an extremely difficult math equation. A good programmer always finds ways to make something work, despite the odds. Otherwise, you may be hearing the phrase, ‘That can’t be done’, every time you propose a creative new project.

Respect for Deadlines

Most programmers just like everyone else works on projects with deadlines. Project managers need their programmers’ input when coming up with project deadlines, though sometimes external factors affect the schedule. In either case, once a good programmer agreed to do a task, they do best to meet the deadline, even if it means a few late nights. You don’t have to abandon your whole personal life for the organization, but showing commitment to completing the project and understanding its value to the business make a positive impression at work. When it’s important that managers understand a reasonable turnaround time for coding a new application or repairing an existing one, programmers should also exhibit respect for deadlines.


Why 13th September?

The Programmer’s day is celebrated on the 0x100, 2^8, or 256th day of the year – September 13 on a regular year and September 12 on a leap one.

The number 256 relates to the 8-bit byte – a very important unit to the programmers.  It represents the maximum number of distinct values in one byte, including the zero. 256 is also the highest power of 2, which is less than the overall days in the year.

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