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Hospitality Marketing Proposal

Organic | Inorganic | Listing

Build the Brand, Attract New Guests, Maintain the Loyalty

Businesses that would be benefited

With this proposal, hospitality businesses can ensure that potential customers are aware of their existence and on-going offers.

Business Benefits

Pick your marketing strategies

People book differently, travel differently, and have different budgets. Increase your guests and revenue by creating a mind blowing marketing strategy.

Organic Marketing

Get customers to come to you naturally over time, rather than via paid ads.

Inorganic Marketing

Show the essence of your hospitality to the guest via promoted ads.

Business Listing

List your business online to reach out to a larger audience and get bookings.

Marketing Strategy

Organic Marketing

Guests need multiple points of contact from your brand before they’re ready to make a purchase, so an authentic and natural way of marketing helps make that possible.

We consistently market quality content that is designed to generate high level of trust and a lasting relationship with your guests.

Search Engine Marketing

With the changed trends, the guests have now become more curious. A quick surf on the internet can show the inside-out of your property even before the guests visit.

SEO helps to position yourself as a comfortable and trustworthy expert in your field.​

Build your website

A professional website is the essence and the credibility of your hospitality business and everything that it stands for.

Our website proposal for Homestay Hospitality Service sees that this credibility is maintained.

Social media management

A solid social media strategy plays a fundamental role in how you connect with your guests.

Write blogs

Blogging is a great way to create a picture of your hospitality business. It can perfectly hold and describe the very ‘guest experience’ that is going to be provided.

Inorganic Marketing

Push your business into a broader visibility and reach a wider audience in a short time period. Via paid ads, we put your ads directly in front of the guest who is most likely to book.

A detailed analytics on paid ads helps you see the direct financial return on your advertising efforts immediately. This helps you to monitor costs and expenditure on advertising.

Inorganic Marketing
Inorganic Marketing

Remarketing is a critical component of hospitality marketing. With remarketing, you can lower your abandonment rate and get more business by showing enticing display ads to people who recently visited your site or social media followers. It reminds them you’re there and lead them through the process.

Google Ads

Google Ads

Millions of travelers around the world search for your service on Google every day. We help your next guest find you with Google Ads.


Facebook & Instagram Ads

With Facebook's ads, we promote your hospitality services with unique display ads across devices to motivate the right people in a timely way


LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn ads are an indispensable tool both for prospecting new leads, nurturing those you already have, and converting who’s ready to take the next step.

Email marketing

Email Marketing

With email marketing, we show bespoke experiences you offer to your target audience which helps build loyalty and generate revenue.

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing

With SMS service you can provide the best customer service at all times. SMS messaging can play an important part in achieving a 5-star rating service.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

We use content marketing techniques to create and distribute valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience.


Influencer Marketing

We suggest and help you collaborate with other, non-competing services in the same market as will act as your hospitality service advocates.

Community Marketing

Community Marketing

With community marketing, we harness the power of the real, human interaction your customers crave to build more meaningful brand relationships.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation

We connect with multiple decision-makers using a multi-platform based approach and provide high-quality hospitality leads for your business.

Business Listing

Get trendy by listing your hospitality business on Online Travel Agency websites.

We maintain the listing with good quality photographs, well-written descriptions, rates, and continuously update them according to the seasons & trends.

Google Business Listing

With google listing, we make your hospitality business easily searchable online.

We make sure information on your services and offers is up-to-date.

Google Business Listing

How does it work?

Market the Destination. Market the Facilities. Market the Perks

We take the first and crucial step that involves taking a good hard look at your company, its products and services, your competition, and the market.

We understand your target audience and create a sound foundation for your marketing strategy. It is a key aspect of creating a good marketing plan.

What you want to achieve is an important question. We make sure your objectives are measurable, precise, and schedulable.

We help you decide the marketing budget depending on the projected sales. It is a vital part of making a marketing plan profitable.

We determine what platforms you will use depending on your target audience is the B2B sphere or B2C sphere.

Here we focus primarily on your message, to ensure that the materials and media we create adhere to your message

The last thing we do is evaluate the results and simply do it all over again.

Split the marketing strategy

Repeat customers bring in a sizable portion of revenue. So we split the marketing strategy to get a repeated footfall of your old guests along with new guests to maintain good revenue.

We believe in the motto, ‘don’t just market the accommodation but market the destination’. Hence we promote the beautiful local attractions, and marvelous events in the marketing campaign.

Picture Speaks

A picture speaks a thousand words

In today’s world, the guests as we know, prefer to search the property online before actually visiting it. Therefore it becomes crucial to ensure that the photographs speak the services and the experiences that will be provided.


Videos tend to work well since they show off your space in a more thorough and engaging manner.

Adapt to a new normal

We highlight hygiene & safety that your hospitality services maintain. It ensures that guests remain well-protected from the ongoing pandemic by following recommended social distancing norms and minimizing the risk of an inadvertent infection.

Adapt New Normal
Atithi Devo Bhava

Atithi Devo Bhava

We believe, the relation built with the guests is not limited with their stay in the property since they too are a vital source of marketing.

It is said, ‘atithi devo bhava’ i.e., guest is god. So we continue to maintain relations with the guest even after their comfortable stay  via SMS, E-Mail etc.

Stay connected

Make your business contact information easily accessible to the guest and win their trust in less than 15 seconds by personally interacting with them online.

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Put your marketing plan into action

Provide us your contact details. Our team shall connect with you shortly.

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