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You’re always ready to welcome your guests but how do you get your homestay discovered?

Build a professional & mobile-friendly website for your homestay.

Stand out from your competitors

Nowadays, people are busy and also smart. They search the internet to know more about the homestays and services before booking them. If your website isn’t clean and attractive, then why would your physical location be?

Keep the design and navigation clean, crisp, and simple.

Mobile friendly

Visitors expect to navigate with ease and have a user-friendly experience in terms of usability and aesthetics. It improves the  conversion rate and search engine ranking for your website.

Professional Design

Professional web design is the digital face of your homestay business and everything that it stands for. An impressive user interface is an opportunity for you to set apart from the competition.

SEO friendly

SEO is an essential part of any effective marketing strategy and primary source of website traffic. SEO helps to position yourself as an authoritative and trustworthy expert in your field.​

Homestay - User Experience
Seamless user experience

Keep the language clear and simple, and ensure the booking process is easy to avoid mid-booking abandonment.

A lot of travelers abandon your website at this point. To encourage them to stick around should be simple and reassure your guests that the reservation was successful by email.

Increasing your exposure online you may also increase the risk of overbooking. Sync your booking calendar between OTA (e.g. Agoda,, AirBnB,, etc)

Give your customers a unique and seamless checkout experience when they transact on your website using multiple payment options, anywhere, anytime.

A picture speaks a thousand words

Homestay - images

Image Gallery

Ensure property photographs are professional, high-resolution, aesthetically pleasing, and displayed in the correct formats and ratios to work for both desktop and mobile.

Video Gallery (Pro)

Videos tend to work well since they show off your space in a more thorough and engaging manner.

Homestay - videos

Adapt to a new normal

Ensuring that guests remain well-protected from the ongoing pandemic by following recommended social distancing norms and minimizing the risk of an inadvertent infection. Leave no stone unturned to ensure that, while guests enjoy the premium homestay experience, they do so in a manner that is safe and hygienic.

Highlight hygiene & safety

Highlight unique activities

Highlight modern amenities

Atithi Devo Bhava

The guest review is the key to your homestay online reputation and credibility. Keep in touch with former guests, as repeats and referrals contribute to a majority of guests at a homestay.

Homestay - atithi

Add personality to your homestays

Guests engage with those whom they know, like, and trust. Humans like to see a familiar face. It makes them feel more at ease when they visit your homestay.

Homestay - add personality


Information about the host


Information about the staff


Information about the caretaker

Blogs (Pro)

Blogging is a great way to create a personality for your homestay as it allows you to share opinions and thoughts on certain topics.

Stay connected

Make this basic contact information easily accessible, suddenly 15 seconds of online interaction could turn into a loyal customer.

Available Plans

We’ve got a plan that suits best for your homestay business.

Homestay - connect

Connect with us

Provide us your contact details. Our team shall connect with you shortly.

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