Impact of social media on our lifestyle


How does social media influence our lifestyle

The impact of social media on our lifestyle today is undoubtedly overwhelming. People use social media for various things, such as finding and sharing information, socializing, shopping, and only as a diversion.

The negative effects of social media on our lifestyle and body can be obvious, but there are seldom discussions about the positive impact of social media. When teaching students how to build healthy screen time habits, it can be helpful to also understand the advantages of social media.

By virtue of stories

Social media stories are helping us to stay well informed and know what our friends or family members are up to who we can’t talk to regularly.

It is also helping us to stay in touch with the school or college friends with whom we lost touch years back.


Narrowing the gap between generations

Social media is narrowing the gap between generations of family members. Grand kids are influencing their grandparents to become tech-savvy.

Grand kids and grandparents are now connected on different social media platforms and sharing their likes and dislikes.


Opens new communication pathways

Social media also benefits mental health. Social isolation has been depreciated due to the connectivity on social media. It also opens new communication pathways and offers much-needed support.


Less words, more stickers

Social media is also speeding up communication by introducing various stickers, GIFs, emoji, and more. You don’t need to type the whole sentence, a single sticker can speak that.

Stickers make you extravagant and out-pour your creativity.


In every ups-downs of life

Social media has also helped us to share ups-downs of life with friends and family.

Even without being there, they are a part of it whether it is a celebration or a misery.


Get to know your followers

Social media platforms are introducing new features every now and then, that keep people engaged and interested.

It is highly interactive and thus helping you to know the opinions and interests of your followers better.


Pull the plug on over-usage

Earlier we used to just sit scrolling our social media feeds for long hours.

However, now  it allows you to set a screen-time limit that pulls the plug on over-usage.


Social media is a powerful thing. It has connected people across the globe and made communication easy. The flash news can keep one updated on society. However, we must not forget the negative impacts social media has on our lives. We don’t need social media every moment, and it is essential to realize that we need to grow relations in real-time, too, not just via a screen.

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